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Immerse MTL

Immerse MTL is an immersive live music concert that extends beyond the traditional 2D virtual concert to create a more dynamic experience for fans. It strives to be one of the first events to make VR technology accessible to emerging artists in Montreal.


What is VR?

Virtual reality refers to a computer-generated simulation in which a person can interact with an artificial three-dimensional environment. It allows one to step into the venue and experience the performance as if they are right there in the front row - all while remaining safely at home or even while viewing from another country. Although a VR headset creates the most immersive experience, viewers can also explore the footage in VR180 view from different angles on their smartphone or computer.

Immerse Mtl Presens

Past events

Purple Crowd

Immerse MTL Unplugged 

Immerse MTL Electric 

November 6, 2022 

Petit Campus, Montreal

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Photo gallery

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