What is the CEAS?

The Canadian Emerging Artist Showcase powered by HITLAB, is a virtual showcase that uses Artificial Intelligence to find Canada's top emerging talent. Artists can submit up to 3 original tracks by paying a small fee and enter the showcase. The Top 10 finalists will get to perform at the CEAS Finale held in Montreal at a secret location this summer. Are you ready?

HITLAB DNA Technology

The Hitlab Music Digital Nuance Analysis (DNA) tool is a patented technology that can predict the success potential of new unknown song. How Does it Work? The human brain is wired in a certain way, to appreciate certain sound patterns classified as musical attributes. Each genre of music has songs that have succeeded and failed in the past. Essentially, DNA uses this historical database of millions of successful and unsuccessful songs to identify the common sound patterns present in the successful songs of each genre. This is applied to all genres of music and based on the top 100 billboard hits of the past 10 years.

The DNA tool can be used to filter through millions of songs (at the same time) and find the ones with the most likeability potential for the identified target market. DNA can also be used as a guide for Music production or an artificially intelligent recommendation engine. DNA is the perfect tool for Artists, Producers and Record Labels.

How it works



Read the eligibility 




Fill out the application form, accept the terms and conditions, then complete payment




FORM & complete payment



You will receive an email with a link to submit your track(s)



DNA will analyze your track(s) hit potential



The top 10 artists are selected to perform at the CEAS Finale in Montreal!

Eligibility Requirements

  • All artists and band members must be 18 years old or older and living in Canada

  • Music submissions of any genre and language are accepted

  • Artists must be independent and not signed to a label

  • Applicants can be solo artists, duos, or full bands

  • Applicants can submit either 1 or 3 tracks (the formats accepted are: mp3, mp4, or m4a)

  • Artists must only submit high quality songs or music videos (no demos)

  • Only original music submissions will be considered (no covers)

  • Bands understand that the selection criteria is based on AI technology as well as the input of industry judges

  • All applicants must submit a professional artist or band photo 

  • All applicants must grant Sincop8ed Noize, HITLAB, and affiliates, the permission to use their content for promotional purposes

  • Applicants understand that all song submissions will automatically be part of the HITLAB data bank

  • At the Finale, artists must use the backline provided and be able to play a 20 minute set of original material

  • All artists performing at the Finale, will be asked to submit a technical rider

  • All applicants must be willing to travel to Montreal for the Finale (if they are selected)

  • Selected artists agree to cover all their costs (including travel and lodging) for the CEAS Finale in Montreal (location to be announced in July)

  • All applicants must read and agree to the CEAS terms, conditions, rules and regulations that will be made available when registration opens


The above eligibility requirements may be amended, revised or changed at any time and in any fashion in Producer's sole discretion. 

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