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Our mission

The Sincop8ed Noize Foundation is a non-profit organization (NPO) whose mission is to support, promote and develop Canada's emerging musicians, through events and educational activities. We serve artists and industry professionals of official language minority communities (OLMCs), providing them a platform to learn, connect and grow through our carefully crafted projects and initiatives.


Our community has selected Sincop8ed Noize Foundation as one of the 2021 Top-Rated Nonprofits, and we are proud to be among a distinguished few to receive this community endorsement!


Our projects

What artists say

Amazing events run by a very professional crew and great management to make sure the crowd and the bands have a great experience.

- Sam, Wolves at Midnight

Absolutely incredible people to work with and terrific experience all around!

- Brendan, Jane Doe

Not like other concert promoters, fully engaged and equipped to work with any and all bands. Very forward thinking, friendly group of people. 

- Syd, Safe in Sound

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