The Sincop8ed Noize Foundation is a non-profit organization. Our mission is to support, promote and develop Canada's emerging musicians through events and educational activities. 

Our events



Montreal's top showcase for emerging rock bands.



Music business workshops for independent musicians.



Entertainment convention that gathers industry professionals.

Music Industry


Weekly live-stream 

webinar series.

What musicians say

Amazing events run by a very professional crew and great management to make sure the crowd and the bands have a great experience.

- Sam, Wolves at Midnight

Absolutely incredible people to work with and terrific experience all around!

- Brendan, Jane Doe

Not like other promoters, fully engaged and equipped to work with any and all bands. Very forward thinking, friendly group of people. 

- Syd, Safe in Sound

The team

Alessia Priolo


Alessia is an event planner and concert promoter based in Montreal. She is also a music business instructor at Trebas Institute, The Music Business School, and jury member at FACTOR. Alessia is a musician herself, and her passion for music and the arts is what sparked her desire to create the Sincop8ed Noize Foundation. With experience coordinating and promoting events of all sizes, her marketing background, creativity and work ethic, she's on a mission to do great things for the emerging musicians community.

Pamela Denis

Project Coordinator

Robert Flis

Marketing Specialist

Cédrik Paquin

Stage manager

Victoria Turner

Graphic Artist

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